Make Quick Money in 7+ Ways to Working From Anywhere

These days, it seems like everyone needs make quick money and more cash. Unemployment is skyrocketing in the United States, the economy is poor, and finding a job in this market is nearly impossible unless you have an absolutely stellar résumé. Fortunately, there are many ways to make quick money that doesn’t require a killer résumé, any type of upfront cash investment, or even specialized skills.

All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and the motivation and you can make fast cash for when you need it most. Let’s take a closer look at the fastest ways to make money:

Make quick money#1 Freelance Writing

The easiest way to make quick money as a freelancer for most people is through writing. You’ll need to have a pretty decent grasp of the English language, including the proper use of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it needs to be passable. Freelance writers typically make about $3 to $10 per article for web content. You could make more writing for print publications, but those are significantly harder to get work with.

I know $3 doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but with practice you could easily churn out 3-5 articles per hour, which would earn you a minimum of $9 to $15 per hour. That’s not bad considering you can do it from home, you don’t have to fill out a job application or sit through an interview, and it’s about as easy as it gets as far as make quick money.

Plus, as you earn a reputation, build a portfolio of sample writing, and get some testimonials, you can raise the price you charge for your writing. You could easily be earning $7 to $10 per article in no time. That would mean you would be making $35 to $50 per hour.

That’s definitely not bad!

I’ll show you some places to find work later, but for now let me tell you about a site that will pay you for articles. You can get some quick cash writing articles for Associated Content (// if you’re in the United States. Unfortunately they don’t currently accept writers outside the U.S., but if you’re American they’ll pay you a few dollars for every article you write, and they will accept most articles if they’re on a good topic and well-written.

Make quick money#2. Freelance Website or Graphics Design

If you are a website or graphics designer, or if you’re able to hire someone to do the work for you, then you can make pretty good money doing designs for people.

You can get paid anywhere from $10 for an advertising banner up to a few hundred dollars for a complex website design. If you’re really good, you can get higher prices than normal, especially once you get some testimonials! You’ll need to be able to show some samples of your work, so you’ll need a website where you can showcase it. You can send potential clients there to see your work, check out your prices, and contact you if they want to hire you.

You can also make quick money creating websites for local businesses. Visit some of the local businesses in your area and talk to the owners. Ask them if they have a website, and if so, ask them how well it’s performing for them. Even if they have a website already, they might be willing to pay you to make some changes, do some SEO work, or set up and email list for them so they can keep in touch with their customers.

Learn How to -Earn up to $25 an Hours

Make quick money#3. Selling Turnkey Websites

If you don’t want to design sites for people on a custom basis, you could build websites and sell them. This is easier, in many ways, than building custom sites. You don’t have to worry about building the site to the customer’s specs. You build it your way, and if someone doesn’t like it, they just won’t buy it.

Some places to sell turnkey sites that help you to make quick money includes:




Make quick money#4. Freelance Programming

If you have any programming skills, there is a huge demand for quality programmers. It can be incredibly difficult to find an honest, reliable freelance programmer who will complete a job on time, do quality work, and won’t run off with your money, so there’s plenty of room for you to step in and get work.

Good programmers can get paid by the hour or by the job. It’s probably better for you personally to charge by the hour in case you run across a picky client who wants endless changes, but some people may want a firm quote based on the job.

Programming is very skilled work, so you can make a bit more for it than for writing or design. Just be aware that you will be competing with freelancers from around the world, and some of them may have less living expenses than you do.

Make quick money#5. Making Money With Gig Sites

Gig sites like allow people to post “gigs”, or small jobs, in exchange for a small fee, usually $5. It’s not a lot of money, but you can offer quick and easily jobs and make good money.

Gig sites were first introduced in 2009. They are formed on the foundation of a smaller, simplistic freelance marketplace, providing a community for freelancers to create a wide variety of offers for a low cost.

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Gig sites usually offer “short-term” projects, or ‘one off’ offers, meaning that visitors to the sites pay a one-time fee and are given a single service offered by freelancers rather than ongoing services, or lengthier, time consuming projects. One of the most common types of services found within Gig sites are video submission services, as well as social marketing services, article writing, testimonial creation and even website optimization. is known as the original gig site. Visit >>  //

Introduced in late 2009, Fiverr quickly gained popularity both among service providers, and those who wished to hire them. Fiverr makes is easy for folks to locate inexpensive services, and for those who provide them to quickly find work in one centralized location. The site has only one price level – $5. Users can post a gig, and people who wish to hire that user pay Fiverr directly. Users must wait 14 days before they can withdraw funds – a deterrent for many people who need money quickly. However, there is no minimum withdrawal, so once the 14-day period passes, you can withdraw your money, even if you have only sold one gig. Visit >>  //

After Fiverr, GigBux is the largest gig site. It gets quite a bit of traffic, though not nearly as much as Fiverr. As of June, 2011, Fiverr has an Alexa rank of less than 1,000, but is over 30,000. Visit >>  //

Zeerk has traffic very similar to GigBux. They allow four price points – $5, $10, $15, and $20. This means they aren’t as flexible as GigBux, but they are more so than Fiverr. The biggest pro is instant payouts! Once you complete a gig, you can make quick money and  you can withdraw your money and get it very quickly!

Make quick money#5. Make Money With Paid Surveys

Let’s take a closer look at the current opportunities available to make quick money:

Blarry House Research Website: // is the website for Blarry House Research, located in San Francisco. This company is an online survey company that conducts its research through focus groups, rather than questionnaires.  Payment for participation in a focus group ranges from $40 to $150.

American Consumer Opinion Website: //

An online survey company that offers participants a chance to win a cash drawing for completing quick, fun surveys and actual cash (between $4 to $50) for completing more extensive, in depth surveys that they refer to as “focus groups.”

Click IQ Website: //

An online paid survey company that offers points for completing each survey. The points are called “Visor points” and you earn a certain number of points (usually around 50) for completing each survey. You need to accumulate 2,500 points in order to “cash out.”  Each 100 points is worth $1, so on the average, you will make about $1 (sometimes up to $1.50) for each survey you complete.

CashCrate Website: //

The pay for each survey is minimal.  Most of them pay 50 cents to one dollar. But each survey only takes about 5 minutes to complete and as I was doing nothing at the time, I embarked on several surveys.  Within one hour, I made $12. Just try it help you to make quick money at your home.

Panda Research Website: // The  thing  I  like  about is  that  it’s  easy.    The  surveys generally only last about 10 minutes and pay anywhere from $3 to $10.

Qsamples Website: // A more sophisticated online survey company is  This site pays anywhere from $1 to $15 for each survey completed and, best of all, deposit’s the money into your paypal account.


Send Earnings Website: // is an excellent way to may a few dollars while sitting home doing nothing.  Just for signing up to this online survey company, I received a $5 bonus. I then began participating in a few surveys that paid $1 each.

Survey Savvy Website: // A online paid survey company owned by Luth Research, LLC, an international market research firm that’s been around for 30 years.  Surveysavvy is free to join and participants earn cash for each survey completed.

The cash incentive for each survey completed begins at $3 and generally tops off at $25, depending upon the time spent answering the questions.


Vindale Research Website: // Surveys are easy, but some of them require you to test different products. A survey to “test” a different online carrier pays $75.

Zoom Panel Website: //

One of the exciting things about is the opportunity to view different products and/or concepts before they are  available to  the  general public.

Here is a list of additional Paid Survey sites that you may wish to join for to make quick money (just make sure to read over the terms so you’re aware of when to expect payment).

Make quick money#6. Squidoo Lens Flipping

Squidoo, available at // allows users to register for a free account and create what are known as “lenses”. These lenses consist of one-page and feature articles, affiliate links, images and video clips pulled in from existing You Tube videos. By creating Squidoo lenses for instant cash, not only will it cost you absolutely nothing but your time, but you can sell lenses from anywhere between $50- $150, depending on a few factors including:

Age of the lens

Content on the lens (unique, or private label)

URL of the lens (it’s focus, topic, niche)

Overall quality of the lens

When it comes to monetizing lenses and producing pages that will sell, you want to spend some time developing a feature rich lens that includes all of the different modules and add-ons available within the Squidoo community. For example, Squidoo allows users to add in Amazon affiliate modules, that will feature relevant products and include affiliate links to each product. Just the same you can add in an opt-in box to a lens as a method of building a targeted mailing list of prospects.

Here is exactly how to get started:

Visit // and create your free account. You will need to choose what your lens will be about, so be sure to focus on a current hot topic, and a subject that you also know enough about to be able to write two articles on. Next, write two 400-word articles about this topic. Using the Squidoo module system that gives you the ability to add text based content to your site, copy and paste your two articles into your lenses interface. Then, add additional modules to fill up your lens, including a Guestbook so others can leave comments about your page, the Amazon module, a You Tube video module that will instantly feature a relevant video on your lens, and perhaps a poll module that will increase the stickiness of your lens, and make it more interactive

Within that sidebar, you will also see the option to add tags to your page. This is a very important step, so be sure to enter in relevant keywords that describe the content and subject matter of your lens and help people find it.

Once you have completed your lens, click on Preview, so you can take a quick look at how your page will appear to visitors. Once you are satisfied, click on the Publish tab to make your lens go ‘live’.

When you are ready, you can sell your lens through a variety of resources, including forums such as // , // and even through Craigs List at  //

Here are some other places worth checking into: //,  //

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Make quick money#7. Completing Cash Offers

To begin, cash incentives and offers are provided by companies who are looking to hire you for your feedback, or to participate in polls, surveys and in reviewing websites and products.

By completing offers, you can make quick money and easily. These websites are absolutely free to join, and typically offer prompt payment by Paypal, although a few of them feature check payment options as well.

Force Bucks

// Forcebucks offers a wide variety of opportunities to participate in, and regardless of your skills, experiences or locations, they are likely to have something open and available to you.

Prize Book

// This company pays you via Paypal, which if you are in the US and have a Paypal debit card, means that you will have the funds available to you relatively quickly. For the rest of the world, you can withdraw the funds to your bank directly from Paypal and can expect to receive it within 2-5 business days.

Zero Price Tags

// ZeroPriceTags is a free “Get Paid Program”, in other words you get paid to complete surveys and participate in free offers. It is one of the best ways to get started in online business, and a very easy way to make quick money online.

After I joined, I quickly completed a couple of free offers and generated over $90 within my first two hours as a Zero Price Tag member. Highly Recommended.

Rocket Bills

// This company offers instant prizes like Xbox gaming consoles, ipods, Wiis and gift certificates, but also offers monetary rewards for completing simple offers.

Free For All Mankind

// One of the greatest resources online for finding alternative offers and opportunities for quick cash, is available at  // a forum dedicated to reviewing and providing detailed information on various online opportunities to make quick money.

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