The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On 11 Ways To Make Your First Affiliate Sales From Your Blog

Now it’s time you to tell the 11 ways that will help you to get your first affiliate sales from your blog.

Tactic #1: Promote the Right Affiliate Products/Services

This is so important! If you fail to pick the right affiliate products/services, you’ll end up without getting any sales. Just because some people make huge money from Web Hosting Affiliate Programs doesn’t mean that these will work for you too. If you are running a health related blog, then web hosting affiliates won’t work for you. You’ve to find something related to your blog.

Here are some tips for you to select the right affiliate products for your blog to make your first affiliate sale.

• First of all, do some research on other successful blogs in your niche. Discover what products/services they are promoting on their blogs. Take a look at their sidebar banners and Resources/Tools page.
• Search on Google to find out affiliate products which are related to your blog. If you are running a health blog, the search for the term “Health-related affiliate programs”.
• Join affiliate marketing networks like Amazon Affiliate, Shareasale, ClickBank, Commission Junction etc to find promotions relevant to your niche.
• Finally, ask someone who is an expert in your niche.

Once you’ve found the right products/services, join those products’ affiliate programs. Just go through the company website and look for the ‘Affiliates’ or ‘Partner’ page. Then sign up for the programs. Now do some research on those products so that you can answer your readers’ queries about the products? But I would suggest you to use the product/service before you start promoting it.

Tactic #2: Update Popular Post with Affiliate Links to make affiliate sale

The quickest way to get affiliate sales is, use affiliate links on your most popular posts. Most popular posts are those posts that get huge traffic. More traffic, more sales. Chances are you’ve already mentioned some products/services name on your most popular posts that have affiliate program but you didn’t monetize those. Even if you didn’t mention any product name, you can still monetize it with relevant products.
Now let’s see what you need to do.
1. Login to your Google Analytics and go to Behavior > Site
Content > All Pages.
2. Make a list of the most popular posts. (In terms of traffic)
3. Start reading the first post and look for the products/services name you’ve mentioned on the post. Now do a Google search for the term “Product name + affiliate program”. If there is any affiliate program available for that product, sign up for the affiliate program and add affiliate link to the post.
4. If you didn’t mention any product name, see what products other bloggers are promoting on the same topic post.
5. Update your all popular posts with affiliate links.

This tactic will also help you to find the right affiliate programs for your blog.

Tactic #3: Solve Problems (Write ‘How to’ & ‘List’ Posts)

Don’t just write a post, solve a problem. People use search engines to get solution of their problems. That’s why ‘How to’ is the most popular post on the internet. You can use ‘How to’ posts to generate traffic and sales for you. At first, you have to find out how your affiliate product can solve other’s problem or what people are searching about the product. You can use Google Suggestions to find out people’s queries. For example, I am a HostGator affiliate. HostGator is a web hosting company. It helps people to create and host their sites. So there is a good chance that people want to create a site by using HostGator.

Here is a screenshot of the Google suggestions about creating a website with HostGator.

You can pick any of them to write your ‘how to’ post. It’s just an example. You have to find something related with your affiliate product.

If your affiliate product is not much popular, Google suggestions won’t work for you. In that case, you have to figure out how the product can help people.

As people aren’t aware they can do it with this plugin, I didn’t mention the plugin name in the title. I just tried to solve their problem. This post actually helps a lot of people and I got some sales. It’s a win-win deal. Another type of popular post is ‘List Post’. List post can be a list of some alternatives to a popular product or a list of some of the best products. Sometimes people search for alternatives of a popular product. You can take this advantage. You can also make list posts with some best products. Here is an example of a list post.


Tactic #4: Write Honest Review Posts to make your affiliate sales

Though review posts shouldn’t be written just for the sake of getting affiliate sales, you can expect some sales from your review posts. All you need do is, write a solid review of the product with your personal experience.

Nothing is perfect. Share your honest thoughts on the product/service. Here are some tips to write an effective review.

• Write pros and cons of the product/service.
• Share your personal experience with the product.
• Use keywords like price, problem, and review to generate traffic from Search Engines.
• Give some solid reasons why you like the product.
• Give rating to the product.
• Share special discounts if you have any.
• Offer trial version if there is any.

Don’t write any review without using the product personally. You can ask the owner to give a free copy of the product so you can write a review. Many product owners will give a free copy to you.

Tactic#5: Add Relevant Affiliate Links on Posts

You can’t write every post about affiliate product/service. But you can add relevant affiliate links on every blog post. Here we make a simple mistake. Whenever we mention a product name on the post, we use review post link instead of the affiliate link. But there is a less chance that visitors will click on an affiliate link from the review post. On the other hand, product landing pages are highly optimized for conversion than your review post.

Tactic#6: Share Coupon Codes/Special Offers to affiliate sales

This is the easiest way to generate affiliate sales. People love discounts. You can take this advantage by sharing coupon codes on your blog. Whenever your readers find that there are some discounts on a particular product, they will check the product. If they like it, they will buy it. They will get the discount and you will get the commission. It’s a win-win situation. Luckily, if one of your coupon code posts get the high rank in Google Search, then you’ll see some continuous sales. This is how most of the coupon codes sites make tons of money.

Many bloggers hesitate to write posts about coupon codes. But believe me, it won’t hurt your readership if you do it occasionally.

If you are going to write coupon code posts on your blog, here are some tips for you.

• Always keep your post title short and simple.
• Share coupon code on the top of the post so that people can find the coupon easily.
• Write a solid Meta description to get searcher’s attention.
• Share your posts on social networking sites.
Here is a screenshot of a coupon code post.

If you are wondering how to get coupon codes, here is the answer for you. Some of the affiliates let you create custom coupon code for your readers. If there is no such option on your affiliate system, you can ask the product owner to provide a coupon code for your readers. Another way to generate affiliate sales is promoting special offers. Most of the affiliates offer huge discount on special days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, on their birthday etc. You can share those special offers on your blog.

Tactic#7: Use Banners on Sidebar/Header

Every Product owner offers some awesome banners to their affiliates. These banners are optimized for higher conversion. You can add some banners on your blog. But make sure that you are not adding banners of similar products/services. I’ve seen some bloggers add HostGator and Bluehost banner at the same time. It confuses the visitors to decide which one to choose. Don’t do that.

Just pick one from many alternatives. You can also try different types of products. If you are running a ‘Blogging’ related blog like me, then you can place several banners like Themes, Plugin, Hosting etc. If you want more conversion from banners, make one banner sticky that scroll with user.

Tactic#8: Add Call to Action Box/Button to make affiliate sales

Call to Action means encourage your readers to take quick action.

You can insert a call to action box at the end of your blog post. All you need to do, pick an affiliate product which is highly related with your niche and add small box on your blog with a small description of the product.

If you are a Problogger’s reader, then you might have noticed this box at the end of every blog post where they promote Genesis Framework.

You can use Magic Action Box plugin to add feature boxes on your blog post. You can also use Hellobar on the header to grab readers’ attention. See how Harsh uses Hellobar on his blog ShoutMeLoud to generate affiliate sales.

Tactic#9: Try Different Products

You don’t need to test every product before promoting. You can promote other products which are already popular in your niche. If you promote more product, it increases the chance of getting more affiliate sales.

Here’ how.
You are promoting a product that only accepts credit card payment. One of your reader wants to buy the product, but he doesn’t have any credit card. So he won’t buy the product and you won’t get the commission. But if you give him an alternative that accepts PayPal payment, he will buy that product. This is just one case. There could be several things like that. So don’t limit yourself with few products. Try other popular products too.

Tactic#10: Promote Affiliate Products through Email List to make  affiliate sale

Money is on the list. This is so true!

You have to build an email list to get continuous sales. The best way to build an email list is, offer a freebie to your subscribers. It can be a free eBook, report, course etc. If you haven’t built your Email list yet, you should start building your email list today. For long term, Email list can be a great way to promote affiliate products. I am using GetResponse for email list building. Here’s How to get started with GetResponse.

Tactic#11: Build Trust with Readers

Building trust is the most important thing to get success in affiliate marketing.

This is the most important point of this list. I mention it on the last because here I am talking about getting first affiliate sale. Gaining trust is not easy, it takes a lot of time. But you have to build trust with your readers to get continuous affiliate sale from your blog. Here are some tips on building trust with your readers.

• Be helpful.
• Don’t make everything about money.
• Inspire your readers.
• Be authentic and consistent.
• Build a community.


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