15 Best Blogs To Follow To Generate Traffic To Your Website

The best advice I’ve ever heard about how to Generate Traffic To Your Website

Traffic is the most important step to this whole system, make sure to focus most of your efforts on this part. You can have the best looking squeeze page with amazing follow-up emails, but if no one visits your squeeze page, then all of that means nothing.

A word of caution: don’t get too preoccupied with getting your pages and emails perfect, they can all be edited and changed later. It’s important to just get something online and functioning, then start getting traffic and focus on conversion rates later. That’s not to say that you should put up ugly pages, but don’t spend all of your time trying to perfect them yet.

With that said, here are few great ways to start getting traffic to your squeeze pages.

Generate traffic using Backlink

For most individuals, the need for traffic to a site is to create as much revenue to the site as possible. This can also come in the form of passive income because the traffic is constantly being directed to the site and this helps to create the constant interest needed to keep the site relevant and effective.

It is also helpful as the actual material posted may not need constant attention but only periodical up dates. Producing several websites that always have the assistance of reference to another site because of the backlinks is one way to ensure the articles are accessed successfully and optimized.

Understanding the fundamentals of the backlinks tool is also essential to its successful use. The two types of backlinks should be used according to the requirements of the particular posting in mind. The “follow” style allows the link to have many other backlinks which in turn help in the move up the search engine results.

The other style which is the “no follow” one only allows a visitor to access a webpage that is linked but does not really help in the search engine results. Depending on the needs or intentions desired of the posted one can choose the suitable option for the best effects.

Backlinks are particularly useful when doing social networking or social bookmarking. The forums are also another place where the links can be used to its optimum.

Generate traffic using Solo Ads

Before I go into detail about solo ads I first want to say that you can find a lot of poor solo ad providers, people who are just in it to make a few bucks. They don’t care about their lists or the quality of the traffic they send you. But you can also find a lot of fantastic providers, people who do honestly care about delivering top-notch traffic. Solo ads over the years have gotten a bad name, but they still can work wonders, you just have to be a little more careful now with who you purchase them from.

With that said, solo ads continue to be my first choice for quick traffic and gaining subscribers fast. In case you are not aware, a solo ad is when someone with an existing list is selling a certain number of clicks (usually 50, 100, 200, 300, etc.) from their list. For example, I can purchase 100 clicks from solo ad provider “Bob” for $40. I will tell Bob what link I want him to promote, which is usually my squeeze page. Bob will then email his list and tell his subscribers about my site. When a subscriber of his clicks to go to my site, that counts as one of the 100 clicks that I purchased.

It’s important to understand that you are not forced to only purchase 100 click solo ads. If you have found a good solo ad provider, you can ask them if they are able to deliver more than 100 clicks. If so, you can purchase more, which would cut down on the total number of solo ads that you will need.

But for starters, I would only purchase 50 or 100 clicks from solo ad providers which I haven’t bought from in the past. Then if I find that they send quality traffic (if my conversion rates are staying high with their traffic), I may then purchase higher number of clicks from them.

But it is also important to note that the more you promote your squeeze page, no matter how unique it originally was, it will soon lose some of its “newness”, you will need to keep testing and changing it up to keep your conversion rates higher. The more you promote it, the more people will see it, which means the more people will by-pass it.

When purchasing a solo ad, you may also want to consider sending the provider a pre- written email that they can send to their list. For the most part, solo ad providers will write their own email to send to their list, but it’s often a good idea to send them something anyways so that they can quickly understand what your page is about, allowing them to easily write their own email.

Once you understand all of the above about solo ads, you can now go out and find solo ad providers. There are three main places where I look for providers within the internet marketing niche. The first would be the Warrior Forum under the Classified Ads section. What’s great about this is that you can see real reviews of previous buyers, which makes it a lot easier to spot a good seller.


The other two places would be Skype and Facebook groups. These two are a bit harder to find, as they often require you to have been invited to the groups. But once you have purchased a few solo ads from the Warrior Forum, you will then start seeing and hearing about these other places, and you can ask sellers or other buyers where they look and if they can invite you into any groups.

But when you are looking for solo ad sellers there are a few things to be aware of. First would be to learn how they built their list. Anyone can go out today and download thousands of email addresses, but if those email addresses where not legally added to their autoresponder account by the person behind the email address, then that would be illegal to do. Make sure that anyone you purchase from has built up their list one email address at a time, having people opt-in to their list.

Second, make sure that most of their subscribers are from tier 1 countries, United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. These are the most valuable subscribers, they will be more likely to purchase form you in the future.

Third, make sure that you can see reviews from other buyers. If the solo ad seller is new, that doesn’t necessarily mean that their traffic won’t be great, but it does mean that you will want to be a bit more cautious. Often you can ask for a lower price if they cannot provide many reviews for you to see.

Fourth, check to see if they will be sending your link to some of their buyers on their list as well. If you can have it sent to buyers, those subscribers are worth a lot more than non-buying subscribers. It may cost you more to send to them, but consider doing so as those subscribers have proven that they are capable of purchasing products. If the solo ad provider does not freely give out the above information, you should ask them for it. Message them politely to confirm the information. If anything seems suspicious, don’t purchase from them.

The last thing to understand is that prices for solo ads will vary. You can find 100 click solo ads for $30, but you can also find them for $70. If a solo ad seller provides quality traffic and has repeat customers, they will probably raise their rates, so don’t discount a seller just because they may seem expensive. Although the upfront cost might be higher, you may end up with a lot more one-time offer sales.

I mentioned that I like purchasing solo ads because they can deliver quick traffic, and that’s the truth! You see, you don’t have to purchase one solo ad and then sit back and wait for it to be delivered until you purchase another solo ad. You can purchase as many as you want, as fast as you want. The only time limit may be at the beginning when you are testing solo ad providers, otherwise, you can quite easily build your list to 1,000 subscribers within a week if you wanted to.

Generate traffic Use an RSS feed

Another way to build returning traffic to your site is to provide an RSS feed. In its current form, RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.”

RSS allows someone to place a link on their homepage, website, or RSS reader that sends an update every time you update the information on your site. This is especially popular with news sites and blogs. If you are posting to your blog every week day, your readers will get an update 5 times a week. That means 5 times a week, they will be reminded of your name and your website. This can really work to your advantage because they are getting that reminder because they asked to be reminded, not because you are forcing yourself on them. Every day they have a chance to read your message and have the opportunity to visit the main part of your site. The more traffic that comes to your site on a regular basis, the more sales and advertising revenue you can generate.

Another way to use RSS feeds is to bring news or information about your niche that will add value to your site. By putting fresh, up-to date information on your website’s main page, you give visitors a reason to come back to your site on a continuing basis. If they are interested in your topic, they will return to your site to get updates. Both uses of RSS are designed to keep your customers coming back. The more often they come back and get the new, useful, or entertaining material, the more likely they are of spreading the word to their friends and family, and that is the first step of going viral.

Here are some RSS submission sites to get you started but just as with the bookmarking sites,  a simple search on Google will give you a massive list.








Generate traffic using Forums

Forums are where you have highly targeted prospects, all in one place.

Note that all forums have rules that you need to follow so do not start your first post with a blatant advertisement. Not only do such posts get deleted, you will likely be banned from making future posts in the forum. Furthermore, you damage your own credibility in the process.

To get targeted subscribers to your Opt-in Form, you can:

  1. Leave your signature file with a link that that points to your

E-zine signup under your posts.

  1. Advertise in the Free Advertising Thread, if there is any, in the forum you are participating.

Contribute something to the forum members when you do this. For instance, you answer a question that helps a member at the forum. You will learn that forums are a great source of free advertising, knowledge and more.

You can easily search for active forums using search engines by typing in the keywords related to your niche and add the words +forum and  +discussion board.

Driving Traffic via Twitter

Contrary to what many believe, Twitter isn’t only for people who want to hear about what celebrities had for lunch. Rather, it’s a micro-blogging medium that is highly viral, fosters discussion between many parties simultaneously, and is purposely restricted to short posts. As a list builder, you can use Twitter to seek out high-quality prospects – and then drive them to your opt-in list. So how can you use Twitter for this end? It’s simple. Just follow these steps…

Step #1: Create Your Account

Start by going to www.twitter.com and setting up an account. You’ll need to create a username and a brief bio. The bio is where you’ll want to include a link to your opt-in list. Other than that, you will want to limit the amount of references you make to your business.

Step #2: Follow a Lot of People

Once you’ve setup your account, the next step is to start “following” people. The best way to do this is to search for people who are talking about stuff in your niche. From there, check out the profile and then click “follow” if you believe the person will be a good prospect. After you’ve opted to “follow” someone, they will have the choice of following you back or not. If they don’t follow you back after a while, you may want to consider dropping them.

Step #3: Start Tweeting

As you build up your base of followers, you will want to start tweeting, too. The key to being successful here is that you must tweet things of value. If you’re in IM, you could tweet relevant news about IM or daily tips or something equivalent. If your approach is too obviously commercial, many will ignore your tweets and choose not to follow you. To the contrary, if you offer something of value, people will gain an interest in what you’re saying and consider reading your opt-in pitch when they check out your profile.

And that’s all. If you follow those steps, you’ll soon have a constant stream of new followers, which will convert into a stream of opt-ins, which will convert into buyers.

Generate traffic using Blogging

Another useful way to drive traffic to your opt-in page is to create a blog. There are many virtues of owning a blog—all of which will help you as a list builder. The first virtue of blogs is that they are relatively easy to optimize for search engines. This is especially true if you use the WordPress Plugin, which will automatically optimize your blog for search engines. Remember: the more traffic you have coming to your blog, the more people you can funnel into your list through your opt-in page. Another virtue of a blog is that they provide you with a place where you can post short updates about your site and business. In particular, using a blog means that you can directly post about a new product you’ll be giving away for free; and you can tell readers how they can obtain it by opting in to your list. If you decide to use a blog as part of your traffic generation campaign, you will want to invest some time in determining what other blogs are large and well-followed in your niche. If you can usefully contribute to those blogs and provide a blacklink to your own in a signature, this will provide an excellent means of obtaining inexpensive traffic.


Generat traffic using other Social Media

We discussed Twitter, blogging, and forum-posting earlier. But there are many other forms of social media through which you can generate traffic. I won’t cover them all exhaustively, but to name a few: Facebook, Myspace, and Squidoo, provide excellent mediums through which you can locate potential list members and pitch to them indirectly. When it comes to social media, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  1. You’re dealing with people—not bots. Keep this in mind when creating profiles on social media sites and interacting with prospects. The better you’re able to minimize intrusive sales pitches and instead focus on creating enjoyable content and engaging in mutually beneficial interactions, the better you’ll be able to attract list members.
  2. Create very, very large friends lists. The more people who can follow your feed or check your profile, the better. Additionally, as you ad more people, you gain the possibility of more people mentioning your business to members of their own networks.
  3. Avoid violating ToS agreements and ruining your reputation. This goes back to point #1. If you violate a ToS agreement or ruin your reputation, someone may report you and your account could get banned. This means you’ll completely lose your investment and will need to start over elsewhere.

Overall, these social media outlets provide another means by which you may expose your list to wide variety of potential subscribers. Use them in conjunction with the suggestions I’ve made and you should experience success over time.

You will find that using the benefits of Squidoo lenses for back linking purposes in this way really is highly effective but to really get the best out of this method you really need to do a little bit of promotion. No hard core stuff is involved here so don’t worry that you will have to write loads of articles in order to get back links,  you probably think you have had enough of writing by putting up the content on these lenses. To start with we are going to bookmark the lenses and here are a few sites to get you started. There are plenty more out there and a simple Google search will give you more than enough for you to be getting on with.













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