Google adsense revenue, if you’re a blog owner, it’s likely that you will be looking to make some money from your website at one time or another. Monetizing your blog can be a big decision to make and, if done poorly, can cause you to lose readers and cheapen your blog.  Having run a few different blogs in the past, I’ve had a fair amount of experience in generating revenue from blogs. I’ve also spoken to some successful bloggers to find out what advice they would give to blog owners that are taking the plunge into monetization.

There are loads of different ways that you can bring in revenue from your blog,  I have put together a list of them along with the advantages and disadvantages of choosing each method.

Building a blog to earn Google Adsense revenue is one of the easiest and most popular ways to make money online. The concept is fairly simple and straight forward. You make a blog and place the ad sense code on it, anytime someone clicks on any of those ads, you get a commission from ad sense.

It’s a simple yet effective method for making money. Although it seems easy, it requires hard work and consistent effort.

Here is a step guide for building a blog specifically to earn money using adsense on it:

Find a niche

First, you need to find a good niche for your blog. A topic that is Popular and you are passionate about. If it’s popular, it means you have a better chance of getting more traffic to it, and if you have a passion for it, it makes it easier for you to write about the topic. Some of the most popular and profitable niches include making money online, weight loss, Relationships, Stock trading system and Blogging. For example, if you choose “making money online” as your niche, your blog will be mainly about topics related to making Google Adsense revenue.

Get a blog

Although it sounds like it will be the hardest part, especially for non-technical people like myself, it actually is the easiest part, thanks to free blogging platforms like blogger. Of course, you can use paid blogs as well. But, you don’t really have to. In fact, I encourage you to start with free blogs. You can always upgrade later on if you decide to. If you are going to use free blogging, I would suggest using blogger. It takes less than two minutes to create your blog, and with a few clicks, you can install adsense on your blog (you have to be registered with adsense) since it’s already integrated din blogger. Also, blogger is owned by Google, which makes it much easier to rank well for compare to other blogs.

Sign up for ad sense

If you don’t already have an account with ad sense, you will need to register with them. Of course, your blog will be reviewed by ad sense staff and if approved, you can then start earning money with google adsense revenue. After getting approved, simply go back to your blogger blog’s dashboard, and use their easy to use drag and drop system, to install ad sense on your blog. Adsense then will serve ads relevant to the content of your blog.

If for some reason your blog didn’t get approved, don’t be discouraged. They will send you an email along with the reasons for rejecting your application, use it to fix the problem(s) and apply again. It’s really not that hard to get approved for google adsense revenue.

Write quality content

One of the most important elements of any blog build to earn adsense revenue, or any kind of blog or website for that matter, is quality and useful content. Without content your blog is nothing.

If you want to google adsense revenue with your blog, you have to provide useful information in order to attract visitors and keep them coming back. Make sure you publish new content as often as you can. The more (quality) content you have, the more chances you have of getting more visitors to your blog, and ultimately more clicks on your ads.

Drive traffic to your blog

Although you have built your blog, installed ad sense, have written good quality content, if you don’t let people know about it, no one will visit your blog. You need to drive traffic to your blog.

There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog, both free and paid ones. I suggest sticking with free methods, as they last longer, and obviously don’t cost you any money. Some of the best free ways to drive traffic to your blog include commenting on other related blogs, publishing quality articles on major article directories with a link back to your blog, participating on related forums, using facebook, twitter, myspace and other social networking sites to spread the word and submitting your blog to major search engines and blog directories. The more traffic you drive to your blog, the more you can earn with ad sense ads on your blog.

You are not done yet! In fact, if you want to continue to earn ad sense revenue on your blog, you have to constantly post fresh and quality content and also keep driving traffic to your blog. You are not the only making money this way; there are thousands of people doing that. So, if you want to not fall behind, you need to keep working on your blog to make it better and better.

It is important to know that, for the first few months or more, most new blogs with google adsense revenue will not make much money. It takes a little time and a lot of hard work to get there. But, once you get the ball rolling, you will be amazed to see how easy it is to make money with adsense on your blog.